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On this site we strive to provide to you affordable and well made jewelry and accessories and other items of interest.

Creations of  Value is our home for custom creations of all kinds of glass. 
We make creations in copper foiled stained glass and kiln fired art glass in many splendid colors for your delight. We are currently in the process of building our stock of kiln fired glass art pieces located on Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a special color.  Inventory changes as everything is hand made one of a kind art. We also will have handmade fabric arts, hammered copper and brass, silver wire wrapped pendants, copper wire wrapped bracelets and stones for necklaces, denim vests, shawls, tote bags and other clothing pieces with lots of BLING. Also one of a kind pieces of art glass jewelry, candle holders, centerpiece bowls, abstract art pieces and some antique items.      &    are divisions of

Where we are located

We are located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee in a rural area. The area around us are covered with fields of hay, cattle farms, forest and streams. My inspiration for my art pieces come from this diverse area.

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                     Nashville, Tennessee, USA






Hi Everyone, 

    Welcome to my site! I know you will find here in my Creations of Value and Victorian Melody collections some items to delight your senses and add enjoyment to your life. It is my goal to create unique complementary accessories and clothing that will add value and affordability to your wardrobe. You will also find art work that will include custom creations of jewelry, to pieces to hang on the walls in your home or display on a table or in a cabinet.  Enjoy your stay and come back often as the items will change as new ones are designed and created. 

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